Real-time bidding API for programmatic media apps

One unified API — for desktop, mobile, video & Facebook Exchange campaigns

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One unified API — for desktop, mobile, video & Facebook Exchange campaigns

We provide seamless access to billions of ads every month across over 20 RTB exchanges, including Facebook Exchange.

With over 95% reach in key geos, it’s easy to get your message out across display, mobile, video (VAST/VPAID) & Facebook.

Our platform is available worldwide, with data centres in US, Europe and Asia for maximum performance.

Product Sheet

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Top-notch support from people just like you.

No fluff, just stuff — everything you need to integrate your own applications.

We provide a full set of API documentation, how-to's, code samples & sample datasets to speed your integration. Plus a range of service level agreements for support by email, phone & onsite.

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Build your own marketing automation application or demand-side platform.

Our real-time bidding API is a robust, fully-featured demand-side API for integration partners to build upon. Designed for platforms, developers & trading desks to jumpstart real-time media trading.

Case Studies Documentation
Cloud-based RTB API

Fully SAAS-based API. Ready to run real-time bidding campaigns when you are!

Desktop, Mobile & Video

Desktop, mobile & video (VAST/VPAID) inventory from over 20 exchanges for maximum global reach.

API Reporting Dashboard

Optional real-time API reporting dashboard on tablet, mobile & desktop.

Dynamic Facebook Ads

Fully integrated into Facebook Exchange for static and dynamic ad retargeting.

Email & Website Retargeting

Combine email campaign data with on-site consumer behaviour for effective off-site consumer reengagement & retargeting campaigns.


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We provide a range of API licenses & support options
- for further details, contact us.
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  • Build your own application or DSP—ask us for case studies of apps built using Merchenta RTB API
  • Powerful RTB API
    — simple-to-integrate – get up and running in days, not months.
  • Platform-as-a-service
    — over 20 exchange integrations maintained worldwide. Fully inclusive service – no hardware or cloud costs; 24x7 monitoring included
  • Your choice of integration
    — RESTful API using JSON payload supports many languages including PHP, Scala, Java,, Ruby, NodeJS and many more
  • Comprehensive documentation
    —full RTB API documentation with sample datasets for integration testing
  • Developer support & sample code
    — support by engineers for engineers (options include email, phone, onsite)
  • RTB API + White Label DSP
    — optionally, combine our RTB API and DSP white label for rapid go-to-market
  • Proprietary bidding algorithms
    — optionally, your own algorithms to gain that competitive edge!
  • Plus White-Label DSP options
    The most mature & complete RTB API solution — billions of ads deployed over 3 years
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Simple setup, full support.