Using merchenta.io for real-time bidding


We accept Visa & Mastercard credit and debit cards. Each topup is processed securely within a few seconds by your credit card issuer/bank and the funds credited to your account.

You will receive a confirmation of the payment via email. We do not store your credit card details.

If you have problems making credit card payments, please contact your bank or card issuer in the first instance.

Credit card payment 


Places credit card payment against an advertiser account.

As this endpoint is used to send your card details, please ensure that you use the encrypted HTTPS endpoint to ensure that your card details are kept secure over the internet.

In sandbox environment you can use Test Credit Cards to simulate different response types.

  • Parameters
  • advertiserCode
    string (required) Example: MERCHENTA

    advertiser code

    string (required) Example: 4111111111111111

    VISA or MasterCard card number

    string (required) Example: 555

    the credit card CVV number

    string (required) Example: API_TEST

    the cardholder’s name

    string (required) Example: 10

    the card expiry month, e.g. 10

    string (required) Example: 2030

    the card expiry year, 4 digits, e.g. 2018

    string (required) Example: 1500

    payment amount - must be between $50 and $5000 or equivalent

    string (required) Example: GBP

    payment currency - payments are only accepted in your base/reporting currency

    string (optional) Example: false

    set to true to deduct card processor fees from given payment amount

  • Curl
  • Copy
    curl -i \ -X POST \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_TOKEN_HERE}' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ -d 'cardNumber=4111111111111111&cardCvv=555&cardholderName=API_TEST&cardExpiryMonth=10&cardExpiryYear=2030&paymentAmount=1500&paymentCurrency=GBP&deductCardProcessorFees=false' \ https://sandbox.rtbapi.io/v3/payments/MERCHENTA
  • Request
  • Headers
    Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_TOKEN_HERE}
    Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    Example body
  • Response  200
  • Headers
    Content-Type: application/json
    Example body
            "status": "success",
            "data": {
                "transactionReference": "gp5gjr"
  • Response  400
  • Headers
    Content-Type: application/json
    Example body
        "status": "fail",
        "data": {
            "errors": [
                    "code": "EPMT004",
                    "description": "Payment failed - error processing transaction - transaction id: 4nw9dr, message: Expired Card, status: PROCESSOR_DECLINED, processor code: 2004, processor text: Expired Card."
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