Using merchenta.io for real-time bidding

Getting started

Accessing the merchenta.io API

We provide two environments on which the APIs can be run.

The sandbox environment is for initial development & integration testing. This can be used safe in the knowledge that no media spend can be incurred, as only the production environment provides media buying and segmentation capabilities.

Once you are ready, you can then move over to the production environment where actual media spend and segmentling will occur.

Each environment is accessible over SSL at these endpoints :

  • sandbox : sandbox.rtbapi.io
  • production : production.rtbapi.io
Note that your credentials will differ for each environment.

For API credentials please contact Sales for licensing options or your Account Manager (existing accounts).
Before you start you will need a license & credentials for the sandbox environment. For API credentials please contact your Account Manager or contact sales for licensing options.
Rate limiting

Access to the API is rate-limited to preserve responsiveness for all users — if you exceed the rate you will receive the following error.

HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests

Step 1 : Authentication

We will now take you through the process of creating a campaign. The first step is to authenticate a connection for the rest of the creation process.

Once you have a connection you can do all sorts of things...

Step 2 : Uploading your ad

The first step of ad campaign creation is to upload the ad to the platform. Each campaign can have one or more ads associated with it. For this example, we're going to upload a single static PNG ad. This is just one of the ad formats supported by merchenta.io — it's suitable for a wide range of campaigns across desktop & mobile. The mechanism for ad upload is the same for most types of campaign. We will set the targeting criteria shortly.

But first we will take our ad from a local filestore.

For other examples, check out these samples :

Step 3 : Configure & launch your campaign

Once the ad has been uploaded it's time to create a campaign. The campaign is where the targeting settings are specified; these determine where the ads appear, budgeting options and other aspects of the campaign operation.

Check our campaign recipes for examples of different campaign types setup.

Using merchenta.io it's easy to setup different types of campaigns — here are some other examples :

What happens next?
All campaigns are reviewed before launch by our Creative Approvals team.

As soon as your campaign is reviewed & approved, it will start running in accordance with its settings. You can track the progress of the campaign in real-time or monitor it's performance from day-to-day using the campaign reporting API.

Other API capabilities

This is just a simple introduction to the merchenta.io RTB API. There are a myriad of other capabilities within the API worth checking out, including :

For further details or to discuss a specific use-case, please contact us - we're here to help.

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Using merchenta.io for real-time bidding